Established in 2005, Yan Tai Sunny Rubber Co., Ltd, belonging to the Shandong province National Defense Science and Industry Committee, is a high-tech enterprise engaged in producing rubber products professionally, located in Qi Xia Song Shan development zone. Our company, covering an area of 65 acres, the workshop covers 22000m^2. We have more than 30 junior and senior professional technicians of which there are 13 senior masters, and more than 300professional operators. Our company owns 81.29million Yuan, the f…
Busy job, extraordinary value ---- meter Yantai Sunny Production Minister articles
        He is the minister of our Yantai Sunny Rubber Co unit, capable neat, everything people first; his pursuit of perfection, the stringent requirements of the details of the work.

Large flat vulcanizing machine

Wide flat vulcanizing machine

Mooney scorch

Ozone humidifier

Laboratory equipment

Three-roll calender


Jaw vulcanizing machine

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